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Quest Website Developers Limited is the best web design company in Kenya. We have been in website design since 2010 and remain among the best Kenya web design companies. We ensure our clients’ websites are optimized and responsive, making us the best web design company in Kenya for this task.


Website design

We have various processes in web design. The first is information gathering where we form questions to understand the business needs of the website. Next is planning and design. Our best web designers in Kenya decide on what content is displayed and the appearance of your website. Afterward, we develop the website and conduct testing and delivery to ensure your site is.


Mobile & Web development

We understand that first impression lasts; therefore, our website designing allows our clients to propose their preferred mode of presenting their information in order to achieve the desired impression on the visitors. For instance, clients can choose their color schemes, as well as font size.


E-commerce web design

Our team of best web designers in Kenya, create e-commerce websites that turn browsers into buyers. We offer cheap website design in Kenya and monetize your products. At Quest designers employ the latest variety of technology platforms and world class software solutions to customize your website suit your needs and requirements.


Software Development

Quest web developers provide premium software development as well as quality assurance that allow the company to deliver world-class software solution on various platforms according to the needs of our clients.

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Kenya web design and development

Quest Website Developers Limited is listed among the web design and hosting companies in Kenya. Quest-web create a strong impression on your clients by designing attractive websites that convey your intended message.  We provide user-friendly media to store content management system that can be updated directly from a Web browser. Our team is knowledgeable in the latest web design, development, and Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.We offer high-quality cheap website design in Kenya, web consultation services and web development to help you manage your website. Selecting local web design firms enables you to establish a trusting partnership and regular meetings to decide on your website creation. For affordable web design in Kenya, look no further than the Quest web designers. Finally, we offer maintenance services that enable you to attract new visitors to your site daily.

Our Featured Projects

Website design in kenya

Transline Classic website

Transline classic wanted a modern website developed from scratch, with booking and reservation capabilities.

Thank you to Quest website designers for delivering such incredible product

Momanyi David

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web developers kalcha market

Kalcha Market

Web development work built on the latest php framework Laravel 5.4. It is a classified advertising website

They delivered my website as I wanted and on time, It was good working with quest for my custom website.

Nick Mungai

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Ngo website design

International Organization for Migration (Somalia)

IOM somalia requested for a non governmental organization website design. We designed the website using wordpress which is among the best CMS available.

Fantastic web designers, we can thank you enough

Abdi Muhamed

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Website Design in Nairobi Kenya.
Since 2010

To convert those browsers into buyers, Quest web developers allow you to impress your audience. Our developers can create a new website form that can adequately fit the target market. We deliver when our clients’ needs to impress their visitors.

Quest Web developers is a web design company in Kenya where it offers a variety of services to a variety of large as well as small businesses in the main towns such as Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu and beyond. Quest Web Developers is a full-service that has provides services to numerous businesses, since, 2010. Quest-web can work with you every step of the way through regular meetings, and trusted partnership. Moreover, our developers can take advantage of the existing local network of specialized and innovative solutions. If you are a business owner in Kenya and you are looking for Custom Website Design service, consider contacting Quest Website Developers.

Featured Services

  • Web Design and Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • WordPress Websites Development
  • Android App Development
  • IOS App Development
  • Magento E-Commerce Websites
  • Drupal CMS Websites
  • Web Hosting Services
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Bulk Sms Services in Kenya
  • Blog Design Services
  • Website Maintenance
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Our Website Design Process


Information Gathering

Information gathering is the most critical step of the website designing process. Therefore, it is important to undertake numerous aspects into consideration. First and fore most it is important to make inquiries concerning the clients’ wants and needs; this allows our web developers to create a website with the look and feel to suit the business requirements.



Planning provides a clear and concise guideline of the content that will be presented on the website. Through the planning process, we are to develop a site map comprising of the main topics as well as the sub-topics. The planning process enables our highly skilled developers to create a navigation system that is consistent and easy to understand.


Web Design

The website design is based on the information gathered regarding our clients’ business. The target audience for the business is a crucial factor to undertake into consideration. Quest web developer designs the websites to appeal to the intended audience such financial institution, teenagers, or religious groups.

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Development refers to the creation process of the website; it takes into consideration graphic elements and content that is appropriately distributed throughout the website. Website development makes the clients’ website to become functional.


Testing and Delivery

During testing and delivery, our developers focus on the final details necessary to adequately test the website. Developers may test for form or script functionality and the website compatibility in different browsers.



It is important to continually maintain the website, as it allows continuous flow of visitors to the site. Therefore, the maintenance process may require upgrading the website with new content or availing new products to potential consumers.

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Quest Website Developers ltd

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Why choose us

  • More than 5 years of expirience
  • Affordable web design
  • CMS integration
  • Dedicated 24/7 Technical Support
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 60-Days Money Back Guarantee

Frequent Asked Questions


How long does it take to create a website?

The time necessary to create a functional website heavily relies on a variety of factors. For instance, custom design work ranges from 1-4 week based on the complexity of the design and the revision necessary. On the other hand, the development phase needs and addition 1-6 week based on the site’s functionality and the number of web pages. However, these are the general guidelines, and we aim to make all the necessary efforts to meet your desired timeframe.


Can I see my website while it’s in progress?

Absolutely! Furthermore, we encourage our clients to be part of the process. Websites are built on our development server where we provide customers with the username and password to allow them to login and monitor the work in progress. During this phase, clients are allowed to provide crucial feedback, and changes are made accordingly. After completing the development process and receiving the clients’ approval, we release the website onto the clients’ server and submit the URL to the major search engines.


Another company says they can build a web site for us for KES 10,000. Why shouldn’t we use them?

There are numerous ads out there, and there is a possibility they may take your money and not deliver on their promise. They may make your site using generic templates, as they may not have a variety of template, and then request you to submit five pages of text content and paste it into the template. This template based website will have immense limitations, since, it will lack interactivity, graphic design and without any search engine optimization


What do your websites cost?

Numerous factors contribute to the website cost that cannot be effectively exhausted using a single sentence. To get a better idea of the approximate cost of your website kindly contact us, where we will ask you a few questions regarding the nature of your website, for instance, the interactivity you require, the graphic design necessary, etc. then will be able to give you a quote. Also, you pay a visit to our business premises for more consultation.


I already have a website. Why isn’t it listed well on Google or Bing?

The reason for this is that although many companies effectively create websites, they lack the necessary experience to ensure the site ranks well on major search engines such as Google. The key to ranking on major search engines requires a company that has experienced Search Engine Optimization. By using a variety of techniques, we can improve your business exposure.


What if I need to make changes to my website?

We can be able to edit your website and carry out the necessary changes that you may require using our available software. Furthermore, by installing a content management system, we can maintain your website.

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