The web process

A strong process is key to successful projects.

1.Get clarity on your project

The first order of business is to get clarity on your organization’s purpose, offering, target audience, and goals for this project

A web designer isn’t usually the person to help you get clear on your project. You need someone who understands business and the big picture and interconnection between messaging, branding, websites, and marketing.

When you talk with Thrive we are thinking about your business goals (and that of your audience) first.

We have a mantra: Prescription without diagnosis is Malpractice.

There is a responsibility for digital agencies to evaluate and diagnose before providing solutions. Like a good doctor we must listen intently to our patients issues and take their self-diagnosis with a pinch of salt.

If you want clarity on your project fill out our contact form to schedule a conversation with Noah Britton, the owner of Thrive, who has been providing website, branding, and marketing solutions since 2002.

2. The Agreement.

After we speak we’ll have a clear idea of what needs to be done, how long it will take, and how much it will cost.

9/10 of our customers that go deep into conversation with Thrive have a fundamental shift in their goals and/or scope of their project.

We have yet to meet a company that regretted spending the time with us to get clear on their project.

We write our branding, marketing, and or website Prescription into an agreement only after we are crystal clear on cost, timeline, and scope.

Once this agreement is signed we schedule your project, collect your deposit, and move into the design & development phase.

3. Design & Development.

A proven and consistent process is critical to the success of your project.

Your project will benefit from our 18 years of continuous website delivery.

You will have a weekly touchpoint during your project and you’ll review designs directly with our lead designer. We have no junior staff… our team is not learning on the job.

We want you to be 300% happy with your project and our process eliminates project surprises.

To learn more about the individual steps in the web design and development process take a peek behind the curtain at our website design process or watch our process explainer video

4. Website Launch.

After providing feedback at different stages of your project and submitting final approval, we will set your website live.

Your team will be trained on how to update text and image content on your website.

Our customers have told us that having a website they can proudly refer their prospects, power partners, and current clients have transformed their businesses.

However, we aren’t finished just yet….

5. Expand & Nurture.

Your company will grow and we are available to help you every step of the way.

Part of your success will require your website to be tended to and content that your target audience is thirsty for must be created.

Our care plans will maintain and proactively look after your website. You’ll be able to focus on your business and update your content while we’ll host and take care of the website.

As your company grows and pivots new goals will emerge. We’ll be there to explore new solutions and strategies for you.

We can also help you best tell the world about your products and services and why you are the de facto choice in your niche.

The tools we can utilize for your marketing include funneling traffic to your website, content creation and engagement on social media, getting you online reviews, and advertising.

We can create brand awareness, engage and excite your target audience, and drastically increase the # of leads to your company.

If this process sounds like your cup of tea we’d love to discuss your project and company goals with you.

Are you a fan of process?

Explore the website design process used to create your website.