Placing your brand on the internet/web is one of the surest ways of expanding your business in 2024

Your website is your online territory. It’s an avenue through which your clients can get to interact with you or your business extensively.

For this reason, it’s crucial that you have an appealing website.

You can have your website developed by either of the below mentioned top 5 web design companies in Kenya.

There are many factors in which to consider when you want to hire a website designer in Kenya. Some of this factors many include;

Factors to Consider before Hiring a Web Design Company

  • Web design cost
  • Size of the website project
  • Customer support
  • Expected completion time

Website design is not an easy process. Hire a web design company that show professionalism and has a good customer care support.

Top 5 web design companies in Kenya

  • Quest Website Developers Ltd

Quest Website Developers Ltd is a website development and website hosting firm that has dedicated itself to creativity and innovative.

This company serves all types of clients; that’s both SME’s and corporations. Quest developers know what each of their customers needs.

They go to a great extent to ensure that you as a client get satisfied with what they offer.

Hence they are one of the best web design firms in Kenya.

You will never go wrong with Quest Web

  • Kenya Website Experts

They have well-trained professionals who will make sure that you get the best value for your money.

Kenya Website Experts offer cheap website design services compared to most of its competitors.

Moreover, this firm focuses on the uniqueness of the content they create. You know those websites you visit, and you just want to explore and keep exploring forever.

They design such like websites.

  • Peak and Dale Solutions

Peak and Dale Solutions are a web design company with a difference.

What drives this firm is the devotion to make your brands online presence legendary.

There web design and development services are just fantastic. The will also make your website beat the SEO threshold thus being highly visible to internet users.

  • East Africa Web Designers

East Africa Web Designers is one of the top web design companies in Kenya with skills in developing high-performance websites.

This firm is known for creating some of the high traffic sites in the Kenya and the East Africa region.

If you want a website that performs and can sustain massive user traffic, they can do it for you.

  • Web Creations Designs

If the phrase you are looking for is high quality and affordable, then Web Creations Designs got you.

This firm has long term experience in the web development industry.

All this experience is put together with creativity and innovativeness to give you a popular website.

These are some of the top web design companies in Kenya that you can probably consider if you are looking for a top quality website.


Edward is a web developer with 10 years experience in PHP development, JavaScript, WordPress development e.t.c

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