21 April 2016
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How to get a .ke domain

If you would like to register a good .ke domain name, here’s what you ought to do.
First, you should find out if this domain name is available, i.e. it hasn’t been registered for another business owner. To check for domain availability, visit our company’s domain registration web page

Think of a couple of great domains which you’d like to use.
For example, Google.co.ke is already taken. So choose a number of unique names and search their availability as illustrated in the image above.

purchase .co.ke domain name
If the domain you have searched is already taken, you should enter a new search for a different domain name.

buying a .ke domain registration

You will need either a bank card, M-Pesa from safaricom, Airtel Money or a PayPal account to pay for the .ke domain in Kenya.

It’s a requirement of most registrars. It is going to enable you to claim and get the domain name right away on the application.
If you do not have a web hosting service, you can always permit the registrar to park your domain name at a non-permanent site specially put in place just for you.

This way you can quickly secure your domain name before it’s too late to set up the other aspects of your site.

Most of these registrars also provide you with a cost-free email address for your domain while it is on their site, e.g. info@example.co.ke (where “example.co.ke” is your domain).

Co.Ke domain name extensions

The .KE top level namespace is currently not available for registration. The following are the currently available.KE domain extensions:

    • .ne.ke: This .ke extension was initially intended for ICT companies and network operators.
    • .co.ke: this can be the perfect domain name for business corporations or private .ke names.
    • .sc.ke: .sc.ke domain extension is set aside for schools registered in Kenya.
    • .ac.ke: This extension serves academic organizations registered in Kenya.
    • .or.ke: This extension is flagged for non-profit generating businesses running in Kenya.
    • .go.ke: .go.ke domains are set aside for Kenyan government ministries and establishments.

Why should you buy a .CO.KE Domains?

.KE Domains have got excellent benefits over gTLD domain names. A couple of salient reasons to register a .ke domain include:

    • Availability: Probability of obtaining your short and nice .com, .net or .org name are 1:60,000,000. But, you have a relatively 90% chance of having your own .ke (.co.ke, .or.ke, .ac.ke, .ne.ke) Domain Name.
    • Credibility: Your .KE Domain will offer you a much more credible ranking within the sight of your correspondents and customers.2
    • Protect your copyrights: global brands and solutions within the Kenyan namespace.

    A CO.KE Domain is the perfect domain for any organization or group which is registered and running in Kenya.

Kenyan domain registration requirements

The key requirements for purchasing a KE domain is usually receiving your domain through a Kenic Licensed Registrar.

    • .AC.KE, .SC.KE and .GO.KE domains will require documentation to apply for.
    • .ac.ke and .sc.ke require letters of registration from the Ministry of Education in Kenya.
    • .GO.KE domains require a letter of authorization from the Treasury.

Good examples of such domain registrars in Kenya include Kenya Web Experts, Quest hosting, Peak & Dale, EACDirectory among others.
.CO.KE Domain Prices today

  • Local .KE Orders: KES. 950/- + VAT where applicable per annum.
  • $18 US dollars for every domain p.a. for orders paid by Bank Wire.
  • $14 per domain per year for orders settled by PayPal.

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