It is important for web designers to keep up with trends. Your website contains all relevant information pertaining to your business; it is what your customers look at. As such, it is important to regularly update it with fresh designs that help you stand out against competition. 

Web design trends 2023
Web design trends 2023
  1. Experimental Navigation

This refers to navigation patterns that do not conform to the regular navigation bar at the top of the screen, with all letters in caps in a san’s serif font. Experimental navigations are more creative, they have visual effects that steer users to a specific manner of navigation. An example of an experimental navigation is when you click the menu button on the homepage, and the menu slides from the bottom of the screen.    

  1. Scrolling Effects

Scrolling effects refer to making different parts of the content and background move as a result of scrolling. This effect is probably the most popular; it creates optical illusions when the user scrolls. Scrolling effects are quite effective in interactive websites as they intrigue users to keep scrolling as they create a 3D experience. 

  1. Kinetic Typography

This refers to moving text. It is an animation technique commonly used in movies in opening titles. You can use this trendy design to grab the attention of your visitors when they land on your homepage. You can also use kinetic typography to highlight the important sections of your website. 

  1. Drag Interaction

Drag interactions are gaining momentum with more websites adapting to trend. Users are able to move different sections of the website by dragging them using the mouse. Drag interactions are common in ecommerce and portfolio sites; they make the user feel more in control. 

  1. Structured Typography

In quite a disorganized world, people are craving structure, organization, and stability. Structure typography refers to arranging words in bold letters that directly pass the needed information. Apart from arranging the letters/type, it involves choosing fonts that effectively pass the message. 

  1. Cinemagraphs

Motion is probably the baseline of web design trends and cinemagraphs are a part of that. They refer to videos that run smoothly on a continuous loop, creating motion and interest in what would be a static page. Full screen loops were popular in the past but nowadays there are small cinemagraphs sprinkled on screens. These animations interest visitors to look around the page. 

  1. Brutalism

This refers to web designs that refer to functionality over aesthetics. The style defy tidiness and organization, and can be jarring at first. Brutalism is raw and minimalist in nature. It can be characterized by “in your face” asymmetrical visuals that are not organized in a particular hierarchy. 

  1. Colorful Gradients

Colorful gradients are on the rage, and you have probably seen them in social media advertisements. In the past, gradients were monochromatic, but they are now colorful and multi-colored. When used correctly, gradients can be exciting and not distracting. 

  1. Layering

Layering pictures, animations, texts, and other elements add depth to websites and tell more about the brand. 

  1. Text Only

This is a minimalist web design trend; it takes an uncluttered approach of presenting information. Web designers are cutting out images and navigation sections, and only using a few straight to the point words to relay information. The text only approach ensures that users get only the most important information. 

  1. Animated Illustrations

Many companies are using graphic designers to design illustrations for their websites. Illustrations are important when conveying complex ideas; they heighten understandability and interactivity. Also, illustrations add personality to a website. 

  1. Ultra-minimalism

This web design trend takes minimalism to a whole new level. Web designers display the bare minimum. This trend can create great user experience and is good for load time; it heightens website performance. 

  1. Mixing Horizontal and Vertical Text

Not conforming to the usual horizontal placement of text can be refreshing. It defies conventional web design and that can be intriguing to some users. 

  1. Geometric Shapes and Patterns

This trend adds flair to landscape flat designs. Geometric shapes and patterns can direct users’ interest to certain products or parts of the website. 

  1. 3D Designs

Web designers are striving to create great user experience. That is why 3D is becoming quite popular. There are quite a few 3D model creation tools/ software. However, you need quite a bit of skills to create good artwork. You can find experienced 3D modelers on websites such as Fiverr and Freelancer. The creativity and playfulness in 3D designs is interesting and that keeps visitors on your page.  

  1. Overlapping Text and Images

Text that overlaps images has become quite popular on blogs and portfolios.  This trend is aesthetically pleasing, and it ensures proper usage of space on web pages. 

  1. Broken Grids

Grids are one of the most effective ways of presenting text and images. Broken grids, that break the norm, are becoming quite popular. This trend makes standard websites look more interesting. 

  1. Organic Shapes

Sharp edges are not so popular anymore, curved lines are. Organic shapes create diversity without changing  the information displayed. Organic shapes are not only decorative, but functional as well. They add personality to a website without disrupting information. 

  1. Web Textures

These are background images that look like 3D surfaces. When used right, web textures can get users quite engaged to the website. Web designers can use this trend to draw customers’ attention to specific sections of the website. 

  1. Grid Lines

This trend has grown quite a bit because it gives users a feeling of order and simplicity. Grid lines make your website look modern and easy to comprehend. Also you can use these lines to create designs that look futuristic. Grid lines are aesthetically pleasing, and they give your website a sense of organization. 

  1. Y2K Inspired Design

This design has been around for a while, and it will be here even longer. The style is quite nostalgic. Y2K inspired design is ideal for a brand that does not take itself too seriously.

  1. Scrapbook Inspiration

Customers are inclined to nostalgia, and that is why the scrapbook look s a big trend. However, it is important to know that the trend now has evolved from what it was back in 2010; the aesthetics are updates. 

  1. Gamified Design

Gamified design is one of the trendiest. The design is brilliant because it triggers emotion in visitors. Users engage with your site in a memorable way. The trend is fun and genius. 

  1. Product Photography

Photography is front and center of trendy website designs. All kinds of companies; real estate, clothing brands, skin care, etc. are showcasing their products with professional photos. The trend is quite useful to customers as they do not have to struggle figuring out what you are selling. 

  1. Pastel Colors

Pastel colors refer to less saturated colors that are calming and peaceful. These colors are warm and whimsical, bringing an element of levity to websites. 

  1. Sc – Fi Inspired Designs

With so many sci-fi movies coming out, it is clear that this design is going to trend. Sci-fi design shows acceptance of futurism; it shows that your design is modern. The trend is useful to tech companies. Bright colors and metallic tones can help you achieve the desired look. 


You do not need to combine all the trendy designs and put them on one website. However, depending on what you are selling, you can choose one that aligns with your brand. Consult your web designer and choose a trend that suits your needs. 


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