27 March 2016
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Best web hosting Service in Kenya

There are lots of web hosting companies across the globe who can host your website.

However, what if you want to purchase web hosting services for your business in Kenya? For this reason, we’ve published this article solely for clients coming from Kenya.

In this post, you will discover details about the best web hosting in Kenya and .co.ke domain registration, free web hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, free domain hosting, windows hosting, cheap hosting and Linux hosting services in Kenya.
Purchasing via Kenyan hosts will cost you slightly less since these providers already have transparent and different pricing for consumers from Kenya compared to clients from other places.

The sale of web hosting is promptly expanding in Kenya. A lot of global providers have begun to offer web hosting packages best for the Kenyan clients.

Benefiting from this, if you’re from Kenya, You can opt for our top 10 web hosting companies in Kenya and acquire high-quality web hosting for an inexpensive price.

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top ten web hosting in kenya

Before Buying Web hosting

Before buying a hosting service in Kenya you should consider the following factors.

Hidden Charges

The number one factor which is very important to consider is whether the web hosting provider has hidden charges, most of web hosting providers in Kenya say they offer cheap website hosting services (which is true) but they have other charges which you are not told, research before you buy what you are supposed to pay.

compare web hosting

The company above is offering Unlimited web hosting at a very cheap price of KES 1000, while the one below is offering the same hosting service at a price of KES 8700. This is a very big difference

website hosting prices

Find out if the first Company has hidden charges.

Disk space and Bandwidth

Disk space is the quantity of storage provided by your hosting company to keep your website information, such as the textual content files, photos, or music and movies if any.

Many website hosts offer you not less than 2GB of disk space through their basic website hosting plan.

In case your site is a lot more textual content structured you will by no means utilize even 150MB or 300MB of the allocated diskspace.

Furthermore nowadays web hosting providers company provides unlimited diskspace.

But keep in mind the phrase “unlimited” comes along with a few conditions. It includes the acceptable utilization guidelines of your website hosting provider.

On the other hand if you have alot of data and exceed the bandwidth or disk space you may encounter such a thing.

hosting bandwidth reached
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