Domain names are the foundation of the internet.

A super quality and brilliant domain name will contribute to a successful website and afterward a prosperous business.

Nonetheless, how can you tell the right domain name?

Below are ten crucial aspects of a perfect website name.

  1. Domain name with numbers or underscore as well as hyphens are equally the same as domains with no extensions or have grammar errors all of them are unprincipled, low price and lack vision.
    Google prefers domain names with no hyphens and numbers.
  2. Have the necessary elements
    • Look for, original, central point and keyword rich, a great domain for your firm and you will fulfill your dreams of a successful business and easy to market it.
  3. Honor others Brands and Trademark
    • it’s critical to honor other company’s brand and trademark by avoiding selecting domains closely similar to theirs.
  4. It should be self-explanatory
    • Most people come through the search engines and backlinks on your websites. They will continuously visit as long as the site is appealing and charming. Quickly understood domain name would absolutely let your visitors know what your site is and all about it even before they visit the website. Domain names consisting of connected keyword will also help the search engines.
  5. Acquire a .ke domain name
    • Institutions, as well as firms with defined physical characteristics, are supposed to register the extension for example,, CcTLDs like are reasonably priced and rank first on search engines. Therefore, they are the unbeaten domains for startup.
      Organic traffic is usually observant on website name, not on URL, any other time they revisit your site they will just enter the name and (Ctrl + Enter) and go to the website.
  6. It should have a unique label
    • A “marked” domain with no grammar errors and catchy letter combinations will entice a lot of customers.  They may be less descriptive but attain equal attention. Labeled domain names will attract the visitors with website name and its contents. Also note, “Brandable” domains can be descriptive as well but will not necessarily have both qualities.
  7. Refer to Suggestion Tool
    • Get an ideal as well as an unoccupied domain which meets your standards from a searching tool like which provides fast domain suggestion. You don’t necessarily have to register with them, but you can observe ideas which will be time-saving. Make sure it’s a .ke domain from KeNIC officially recognized.
  8. Use your name except if it’s the same name for your firm/product
    • Customers prefer dealing with a company than with a private person; Buying from a company seem official, therefore, when selecting a domain, use your name only if it’s the same name for your firm or product.
  9. Memorable
    • A good number of Internet users don’t bookmark; they just commit to remembering their most frequent used websites. Don’t use tangled and tricky words which will result in loss of your real visitors instead go for easy to remember and simple words.
      Example: is a short name, but complicated to remember, such a domain name is not realistic.
  10. It should be relatively small in content
    • An excellent domain name should be short. Five letters are going fast; therefore, it will be lucky for you to find the four or five letter domains. There is no specific number of characters that one should target to attain but still keep in mind, the shorter, the better. Consider fewer than ten characters and don’t go beyond 20.
  11. Spelling
    • Consider spelling as the primary factor, difficult pronunciation and complicated grammar words can lead to customers misspelling your website address. Always find the keyword in the language of your target niche. Example: is a domain which can bring issues for English speaker and is not memorable.

Lastly, don’t be frustrated if your existing domain doesn’t consider the characteristic mentioned earlier, it’s a lesson to put in mind in future before registering a domain name.


Edward is a web developer with 10 years experience in PHP development, JavaScript, WordPress development e.t.c