Quest web is a leading customized mobile apps developer in Kenya for all major platforms like Android, iOS, iPad, iPhone, Nokia, Windows Mobile Phones, Palm web, Banda, and QT.

With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, we have successfully completed over 100+ Apps for our clients in Kenya and around Africa.

We engage our customers to understand their needs and then work as a team in delivering results-driven Apps.

Our main goal is to understand your needs and exceed your expectations. This approach has positioned our company as one of the few that offer Mobile App Development in Kenya based on the client’s customized requirements at affordable rates.

Our work spans in different industries. Whether you need a web or mobile app for a Hospital, Ecommerce Platform, Real Estate, Education, or Transport, we have your back.

As the leading and most experienced Mobile App Development Company in Kenya, we have developed more than 100+ Apps for businesses in the country and Beyond.

What we build

We create the following mobile apps and tools that keep your business ahead of the market.

  • Android Mobile Apps
  • iOS (iPhone & iPad) Apps
  • Windows Mobile Apps
  • Smart Wearable Apps
  • Game Apps – AR/VR
  • Blockchain Apps

Types of mobile apps we develop

We build mobile applications for almost all industries and functions.

  • Social Networking Apps
  • Sports Betting and Game Apps
  • Audio and Video Music Apps
  • Digital Banking and Lending Apps
  • Business Apps
  • Dating Apps
  • Health And Fitness Apps
  • Educational Apps
  • Share Taxi Apps
  • Real Estate Apps
  • Travel and Hotel Booking Apps

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App Developers in Kenya

Reasons we are different from other app developers in Kenya

In-house Development
Our in-house app development services ensure that we engage our clients in every stage of the product design and development. This approach builds a good relationship between our dedicated team and customers for the timely delivery of a project.
Custom Agile Process
We employ the agile app development approach to create mobile applications that meet our client’s customized requirements. We also build complex projects in stages and carry out tests at different steps. This method helps us in getting fast feedback which guides us on building quality applications within a viable time frame.
App Store Development & Support
From many years of developing mobile applications for Kenyan and International businesses, our experts have gained deep knowledge of App Store’s best practices. We are also always ready to offer support, maintenance and upgrades of your app.
Experience in Multiple Domain
By being among the best cross-platform mobile app developers in Kenya, we help translate your ideas into applications that run across multiple platforms. Our apps are supported on Android, Windows, and iOS (iPhone and iPad) devices.
Specialized App Developers
We hire mobile app developers who are dedicated, honest, highly skilled, and updated with the latest tools. Our team of experts works together to transform ideas into inventive mobile Apps for your business. We have rich experience and reputation in building creative mobile apps for different clients in Kenya and beyond.
Consistent Success Stories
At the core of our operations is customer satisfaction. Through competency, effective communication, quality work, and support after deployment, we have attracted and maintained customers from different industries. We also continue to be reputed as the best mobile app development company in Kenya.

Cross-platform mobile apps development in Kenya

Being one of the pioneering cross-platform mobile app development company, we help transform ideas into mobile applications that run across multiple platforms using the best tools available.

Our Apps are Automatically supported on Android, Windows, and iOS devices.

Android Apps
We pride ourselves as one of the best android mobile apps development companies in Kenya. Our main focus is to build distinguished mobile apps through hard work, professionalism, dedication, and skilled experience. Hire us for your Android app and you won’t get disappointed.
iOS Apps
Apple’s iOS is a leader in the mobile app industry with millions of applications uploaded on the Apple Store. With their attention to detail when it comes to design and functionality, it is also hard to have an app approved for the Apple store. Our iOS app developers in Kenya have distinguished skills in developing the latest iOS apps for all iPhones, iPad, and Apple Watch. They also perform intensive iPhone app testing for compatibility, security, and quality assurance.
Xamarin Apps
Quest developers is a professional and reputed Xamarin app development company in Kenya that delivers distinguished Xamarin app services using C#, .Net, frameworks and Xamarin forms to small businesses and enterprises in Kenya. Our Xamarin apps are developed to run on any leading mobile platform at optimal performance and as per your requirements.
Hybrid Apps
Our app developers are experienced in creating native apps that can run on many devices irrespective of their base platform & Operating System. If you need a healthcare, education, banking, taxi, eCommerce, or real estate app that runs on all OS, reach out to us and we’ll make it at affordable prices.

Why our App Development Company

At quest developers, we design, develop, test, and expand mobile apps as per our client’s business requirements. Our dedicated developers are able to deliver Bug-free mobile Apps on time and offer necessary support afterward. We also build using the latest available tools for high-quality apps at affordable rates.

Our teams follow a standard process that ensures quality services. This is through research and analysis, engaging our clients, and development using the latest technologies.

Here are 4 statistical reasons why you should choose us to build your app, support your systems, as well as advise you on how to launch your project in the shortest possible time.

100+ Projects
We have successfully delivered over 100 app projects to clients covering different industries in Kenya and beyond.
20+ App Developers
Our team of app developers is experienced, dedicated, and honest. They help us provide cutting edge solutions to our clients.
50+ Happy Clients
Nothing motivates us like having happy clients. Our professional services ensure that every customer is satisfied with our Work.
97% Repeat Clients
Our work continues to stand out from the rest and this has earned us a good reputation among our clients.

Customer Stories is the best company in Mobile App Development in Kenya. They offer the best and highest quality services for all mobile app and web development issues. Their costs are affordable too. We were lucky to find them for our online learning app.”

โ€” Paul Kamau Waikwa

“I had great service from the team at Quest Website Developers and can highly recommend them for their professionalism and timely services. The app development team took the time to understand my project and worked with me until completion. If you are looking for an exemplary app development company in Kenya, look no further, Quest Web is the way to go.”

โ€” George Kariuki

“Definitely one of the best website design and development company in Kenya. The team build my eCommerce platform fast and at a cheap price. I for a moment thought their deal was too good to be true but now I am happy also for their continued support for new features.”

โ€” Monica Bisola

FAQ App Development Services

Frequently asked questions about mobile app development

What is mobile application development?

Mobile Application Development is the process of developing application software for small handheld devices such as smartphones, Smart Watches, Personal digital assistants (PDA’s), and enterprise digital assistants (EDA’s).
This application software can either be pre-installed by the manufacturer or downloaded from distribution platforms like Google App Store

Can I build my own app?

Yes. It is now easier than ever to DIY create an Android or iOS App for free.
There are many software and templates available that lets you make apps in minutes without coding knowledge. However, if your business requires a custom app that is secure and has all functionalities, you need to hire a professional app developer or agency.

What are native mobile apps?

Developed by Facebook and first released in March 2015, React is an open-source mobile app development framework that is rapidly growing.
With Native React, we can build Native mobile applications for Web, iOS, and Android devices using Javascript Language. It has a great UI and offers a real native user experience.

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app in Kenya?

One of the major questions common with business owners, once they decide to engage a mobile development company, is the cost of the App. Agencies will send different quotes depending on a number of factors.
Our mobile app development services costs from Kshs 150,000/- based on; type of application, functionality, security features included, and custom integrations.

What language do you use for mobile app development?

Being a one of the leading app development companies in Kenya, we possess both state-of-the-art technology and expertise that makes us able to deliver the best apps to our clients using modern languages and frameworks.
We have experience in languages such as Javascript, Java, C#, Python, C, and Kotlin. Our team understands the ins and outs of Xamarin, React Native, PhoneGap, Ionic, and Corona SDK frameworks for exceptional results.

How to make money on mobile apps?

As an app owner, you can make money through a number of ways. The most popular is through in-App purchases. This is a case where customers buy from your business directly from the app.
Whether you are offering products, services, or subscriptions, it is easier for people to place an order via an app. This also creates customer loyalty and translates to repeat clients. Other ways to make money from an app is through advertising, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships.

Why do I need a mobile application?

There are many reasons why your business needs a mobile App besides your web app. One of the main objectives is to make it more visible to customers and build loyalty. With most people using handheld devices nowadays to browse the web, it would make it easier for your business to have a dedicated mobile app.