Bulk SMS marketing basically involves conducting or promoting business using SMS or short messaging service, now more popularly known as the text message.

To be more efficient with this, some brilliant minds developed what we now call bulk SMS messaging.

This enables a mobile phone, or text messaging software uploaded on a laptop or desktop computer, to send text messages to dozens, hundreds, even thousands of mobile phone users, depending on how the settings were programmed.

Almost every entrepreneur nowadays uses bulk SMS messaging, so that is what we are going to focus on.

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Bulk SMS marketing

The question is this: what are the benefits of bulk SMS marketing? Would these benefits of bulk SMS marketing work for all business types? Check them out below.

  • Convenience – This is foremost of all the benefits of bulk SMS marketing. We all know the hassles of not having bulk SMS. One is that you need to select the settings for recipients manually all the time. Another is the need to hit the “forward message” button all the time. With bulk SMS, you don’t need to worry about who the recipients should be, because the text messages are already set to be sent on those who subscribe to particular networks.

You can also program the setting to send out a particular text message on a particular time or day.

Really, all that you have to worry about is what each text message will be.

  • Speed – Once a text message is sent, it is normally read faster than one would an email or even a social media post since the latter requires an internet connection for access. Since there is an option to reply, prospective client feedback can also be gleaned faster. There are also no spam filters so you are pretty sure that the text messages sent can easily be seen.
  • Reliable – This is one of the best benefits of bulk SMS marketing. With bulk SMS marketing, you can be sure that what you are intending your prospective clients to read will actually be read. That is so unlike marketing over the phone, where many times, the representative gets a bang on his ear even before he gets to relay the message to the client. On the other hand, with emails, they are sometimes bound to get lost to the spam folder.
  • Easy to understand – Since each text message is typically only made up of just a little more than a hundred characters, it commands attention easily and is better understood. There is also a greater chance that they get read first before being trashed.
  • Not labor-intensive – Since you can do marketing through SMS with just a few words, there’s no need to hire a lot of people, which makes the benefits of bulk SMS marketing greater than those of other marketing methods. Even just one person can do it; a couple, if it were just for someone to countercheck the sent text messages. By any means, one just needs to hold up his mobile phone, or prop up a computer with the bulk SMS app, to send out the messages.1
  • Scope – There is a big chance that prospective clients out there have a mobile phone but not necessarily one with Internet connection. Or, the client will be out of coverage reach, so representatives won’t be able to contact them right away, even for hours if the place happens to be a sort of signal black hole. With the SMS, there are more chances that the message will actually reach the client
  • Can be archived – One has the option to store not just the messages that he needs to send out, but also the replies. There can even be detailed information regarding when the messages were sent, to whom and what network, for future record counterchecking purposes.
  • Low cost – It is virtually less expensive to run business promotions using SMS marketing. This is one of the benefits of bulk SMS marketing that really make entrepreneurs do a double take when they are shopping around for their alternatives. That’s because there’s less personnel needed to run bulk SMS marketing, and less supplies, too.

No need for too many drafts on paper. Spaces for messages are also maximized, because hey, won’t any entrepreneur be able to complete just a few hundred characters for their marketing campaigns?

  • Client and entrepreneur friendly – As stressed so many times, text messages are easy to deal with, whether on the side of the marketing professional or representative, or on the side of the client. That is because it typically just requires just a few clicks to get to the inbox and read the message. They also get to actually read the whole message, not just their preferred snippets like what they usually do with long, trailing emails or physically delivered postal mail.

Clients can’t also reject a message delivered to them by SMS, just like what they usually do with phone calls.

This ensures that the intended recipients get to read the message.


Additional perks – It is also easier to offer and receive perks with bulk SMS marketing. When you avail of bulk SMS, you don’t only get your message received by the intended recipients more efficiently.

You also become a candidate for certain perks by the banks you use since you will typically be required to register a bank to avail of bulk SMS.

There are even rewards that certain mobile networks offer when their subscribers hook on to certain promos brought about by bulk SMS portals.

With these benefits of bulk SMS marketing, it just makes sense to use it in your promotional and marketing campaigns.

You’ll be able to reach your target audience more effectively using this method.


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