20 April 2016
graphic design
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Characteristics of a good logo design

Most times customers need their logos to mirror a feeling of good taste and advancement. You ask yourself, What makes a logo impressive & admirable? Also, all the more vitally, what can your brand do to guarantee its logo speaks to you well?
Below are characteristics of a phenomenal logo design

1.    Simple

Regardless you need your logo to be effectively unmistakable; you need it to be straightforward. Primary logos are the ones individuals can perceive and reflect when they see them in most cases. A quick route for clients to see and recall your brand. So you did like to reduce that wrong symbolism, adjusting typography, hue and theme are the keys.DON’T overcomplicate the design. The least complex logos are the ones individuals recall most. DO streamline and sophisticate your design. Keep the logo as intelligible as could be expected under the circumstances.

2.    Distinct.

Separate yourself. Try not to look directly like the opposition. In a perfect world, the logo ought to look one of a kind in appearance. It’s challenging to have a unique & outstanding design; however the secret here is to be not the same as your rivals, Without an unmistakable logo plan, you may discover potential customers experience severe difficulties your image, mistake you for another brand and, in particular, wind up running with a rival brand. Should be of smart thought and unique, which ought to be clear to the viewer

3.    Versatile.

An awesome logo ought to look similarly high on any web gadget as well as any print material. This area is where beginner logos will come up short if even solid in the various criteria. A great logo needs to function admirably on the web, on letterhead, in print promotions, and in video.  An extraordinary logo can be printed at various sizes, crosswise over various mediums and in various applications without losing its energy and attraction. The design must be sufficiently adaptable that they can use as a part of different mediums. Great visual designers realize that, so they deliberately make a logo that looks great regardless. DO consider various applications. Try not to outline for only one size or medium. A decent logo will look great on any surface, in shading or highly contrasting.

4.    Targeted.

Plan for your target audience/group. The essential thing a logo needs to do is to address your intended interest group.  Whatever your industry, your logo should have the capacity to interface with the general population you are promoting or advertising to. Furthermore vital is to utilize a shading plan or textual style that is uncorrupt and speaks to the customers. Bear in mind the client. Understanding your gathering of people is vital. The logo ought to address the targeted group of people

5.    Memorable.

An incredible logo ought to be impactful. On the off chance that legitimately planned, a much of the time seen a viewer will promptly review the logo. These are of fundamental significance due to brand reliability. You need to catch your viewer’s considerations and leave an impression. Leave an impact on the customers. Perhaps the hardest to accomplish yet this property is an absolute necessity if the logo is to be a win. Making a logo that is significant may appear to be unpredictable, it’s of extraordinary significance. “An incredible logo will stay sufficiently essential that a man who has just seen the logo once ought to, in any case, have the capacity to review it enough to portray the logo to another person. These not the most straightforward of characteristics to grant, but rather it is absolutely a high positioning one so ensure your plans stays in their psyches. Try not to be forgettable.

6.    Timeless.

Keep away from the trendy symbolism, fonts& hues for life span. Patterns go back and forth, and when you’re looking at changing an auto, or purchasing sack, that is alright, however where your image personality is concerned, life span is critical.

Ssenyonga Raymond is a Graphic designer and animator who is skilled at designing logos, posters, flyers but also movie making in motion graphics and 3D animator. Feel free to contact us for a graphic design services

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